Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

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by Longrad and Synergy

About the Visa

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa route is aimed at immigrants who would like to invest at
least £200,000 into the UK business. This option encourages either the creation of
new companies or investment into an existing venture in which migrant become involved.
Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa leads to Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and later British Citizenship.

Standard route

Accelerated route


The requirements for successfully obtaining Entrepreneur Visa were significantly toughened up. For some countries the visa refusal rate is as high as 95%. This happens for the following two reasons: improper attention to the Home Office requirements when submitting an application and creation of brand new companies without business knowledge or history in the UK.

Therefore, the success of the securing the visa relies
on two key elements:

  • Impeccable attention to
    detail when preparing the visa
  • Investing into an existing
    rapidly-growing business in
    the UK

Visa Requirements

To ensure successful immigration to the UK all the below criteria must be met.
To learn more about the visa please visit the official visa overview and the supporting visa guidance.


    • Ready

      Initial meeting and consultation. We ensure you fully understand visa requirements and we collect all information necessary for us to start the application process. We introduce you to your partner company so that you can discuss and agree on terms of your relationship going forward with your visa. Should one of our initial companies not suit you, we will search for a more suitable company to match your requirements. We introduce you to your lawyer who will be handling legal aspect for your application to the Home Office.

    • Set

      Our lawyers and financial advisors help you sign the agreement with the chosen company. Our experienced business analysts in collaboration with your immigration lawyers prepare bespoke supporting documents to strengthen your application. You immigration lawyer finalizes your application.

    • Go

      You submit your application and successfully receive your visa.
      You invest into your selected identified company.
      Welcome to the UK.

  • - Introduction services for establishing your relationship with the company
  • - Search costs, if necessary
  • - Initial consultation and management of your application going forward
  • - Costs of your immigration advisor

* Our fees are fixed and fully agreed on at the beginning of the process. Prices vary
depending on individual circumstances and difficulty of the case

  • - Financial advisors
  • - Business advisors
  • - Business plan
  • - Application costs

* Our fees are fixed and fully agreed on at the beginning of the process. Prices vary
depending on individual circumstances and difficulty of the case

  • Marks your successful receipt of the visa*

* Our fees are fixed and fully agreed on at the beginning of the process. Prices vary
depending on individual circumstances and difficulty of the case

Specific Example - SPLENTO

Advantages of working with SPLENTO
About Splento

Splento (www.splento.com) is the leading professional photography provider in the UK. Event Photography turnover is about £3bln a year 95% of which is handled by freelancers. Splento has created an advanced technological platform (similar to Uber, Yandex.Taxi, Gett etc.), which allows to service thousands of session a day.

All of the company photographers work as contractors and Splento gets 50% commission for finding clients, handling orders, customer support, photo editing and storage. None of the photographers are full-time employees. The company works with hundreds of professional photographers and it won't be difficult to hire 10 of them as full-time workers to meet Home Office's requirements.

Connected over 7,000 clients and we have clear statistics about:

  • CAC - client acquisition costs;
  • AFB - average first basket;
  • Client Lifetime Values;
  • Photographing and photo retouching costs.

For most companies that work with Tier 1 Enterperneur Visa Program, creating 10 new full-time jobs can be difficult. 10 additional employees will not generate additional revenues and there won’t be enough new work coming in to justify the investment. Most likely by the end of 3-years period you’ll have noting left from your investment.

Splento photographers are already undertaking this work as contractors and switching them to full-time employment would be very easy and cost-efficient.

Your investment will be deposited into a separate account to which you’ll have access. For transparency and accountability purposes, your money will be withdrawn from this account only for the following reasons:

  • salary payment to full-time photographers;
  • advertising campaigns that will generate work for each full-time photographer;
  • photo retouchers expenses (editing photos made by photographers employed full-time).
  • Funds will be transferred into a separate account to which you’ll have “viewer” access;
  • Monthly marketing costs would amount to £20,000;
  • With CAC in the region of £50 CAC, we will be able to attract 400 customers;
  • These 400 clients will generate £60,000 of revenue with AFB of £150;
  • 14 Photographers (servicing these clients) will cost £30,000;
  • Photo retouching - £8,500;
  • Thus, monthly cash-flow will be positive and account balance will remain in the region of £200,000 for the duration of the investment.

Interested in a different industry?

Our network of partners will perform a wider, more specific search of suitable companies for you without any additional costs.

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